The Surf Shack

So it turns out the 2017 hurricane season did some damage. And we have to make up lost business by renting out our cabin. No sweat- it’s awesome and we’re happy to share it.


The surf shack is waterfront in a private marina (aka no neighbors). The porch area is entirely screened in with a table, chairs, couch, hammock and plants to make you happy.


There is a full kitchen, table for three, couches for many, and AC. (Hey, that’s important, not everyone has AC.)


Insert photo of yourself with a happy reflection. You can’t not be happy here.


This is where you’ll get the most beautiful rest after a long day at the beach– or kayaking with one of our kayaks on the lagoon. This king bed comes all the way from Germany, so expect comfort. There is an optional mosquito/princess netting depending on your perspective.

cabin view

The view! It’s a great way to wake up. The palm tree is no longer there, but we have replaced it with a sunflower.  We have also built in a garden, so fresh herbs and veggies (if you’re lucky).

The surf shack has wifi, most days. It’s sort of the Caribbean way to be slow. In case Netflix has trouble loading, we have a shelf full of books, cards, and other island activities we can show you. Yoga on the beach, hiking to the natural pools, salsa dancing “downtown.” We can get you there.

Send us an email for any questions or quotes. Hope to see you here!