Based on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, we design adventures for the modest traveler.

Down to Berth offers customized holidays for anyone who wants to see and feel the Caribbean while on a budget.  Same seas, islands, sunsets… with a third of the costs*  Trust us, paying $900/day to be chartered around a beach isn’t doing the island or your pocket any justice.

Our sailboat is not a 5-star yacht with plasma TVs, jacuzzis or a celebrity chef.  But it is comfortable, private and suited for a holiday you won’t forget… and one you don’t need your accountant to approve.

Stay on the boat,  camp on a nature reserve,  relax in our bungalow,  surf from our secret spots,  snorkel with sea turtles,  island hop,  fish for tuna,  eat local wares,  nap on the beach,  drink champaign at sunset… do whatever you please.  Seriously.  And we promise you won’t be thrown into the tourist crowd.  The best part about the journey is exploring the islands with people who know and respect them.  You won’t be stuck at a car rental place or at a crowded beach or over-paying for a seafood dinner.  We.  Know.  Better. 

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 We started Down to Berth because this is what we want to do, love to do and are meant to do.  Being able to share that experience with new friends makes our vagabond lifestyle worth while.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about the Get Rich or Die Tryin’  scheme (sorry 50 Cent).  We prefer simplicity, nature and the slow movement of life that the Caribbean bids us.

We can design your stay anyway you like, from 5 days of straight beach bumin’ to a shorter vacay to make a sailor (or pirate) out of you.  Our boat is child friendly and possibly pet friendly… especially if you have a sloth.  Do you have a sloth?  Bring it!!

  We are not a charter company, Nai’a is our home. So if you come take on the seas with us you’ll be our honored crew– our friends! We hope you come and get your hair wet with us.



It’s your life after all- celebrate it!